Introduction page

Considering that Evangelisation is central to the mission of the Church we resolve that;
  • Evangelisation begins in our families and continues through our parishes with the support of the Gambia Pastoral Institute.
  • Holistic catholic Education (doctrinal, moral and scriptural) be intensified in our institutions and religious formation houses.
  • Social Communication
  • The exiting social communication unit of the Diocese be upgraded with the most modern communication technologies to accelerate propagation of the Catholic Faith, exchange of information and sharing of experiences.
  • Inter Church / Inter faith dialogue
  • Maintain and Strengthen Inter church and Inter faith dialogue.
Street Address: Bishop’s House, 46 Atlantic Boulevard, Fajara, The Gambia, West Africa.
Phone: Office: (220) 4393437 - Fax: (220) 4397259
House: (220) 4495343 - Email:
Considering that the Church is an agent of transformation based on its social teachings we resolve that;
  • The raison d’être of the Catholic Diocese of Banjul is the holistic development of the human person through the Catholic Development Office CaDO.
  • Education
  • Pro active involvement of the Catholic Church in quality education and continuous formation at all levels.
  • Education begins at home but is a joint responsibility of parent, teachers and other stakeholders.
  • The Catholic Education Secretariat be strengthened for better management of all Catholic educational institutions.
  • Health
  • Increase the capacity for Health care services within the Diocese.


Considering the need for Accountability, Transparency and Stewardship in the handling of Diocesan and parish Finances we resolve
  • To rationalize all Diocesan assets and resources to ensure maximum yields.
  • A complete inventory of all Diocesan physical assets be conducted regularly for management information purposes.
  • The Catholic Diocese of Banjul work towards self-reliance by building reserves and wealth creation through self-sustaining income generating schemes.
  • Institutionalize regular financial planning and reporting.
  • Judicious use of the Financial resources.
  • Human Resources
  • Harness the exiting Catholic human capital in skills, expertise and nurturing the young talents for the future growth and development of the Church.


We acknowledgethe goodwill messages from the Head of other Christian Denominations, Donors and Partners, Diocesan Organisations within and abroad, for the material, financial and moral support, the Parishes for their invaluable input and the participants for their participation.

Done at the Gambia Pastoral Institute Kairaba Avenue The Gambia. On this 4 th Day of April 2008 In the Year of Our Lord In the second year of the Episcopate of His Lordship Bishop Robert Patrick Ellison Cssp.

+Robert P. Ellison, CSSp